Buying, Selling or Renting Property?

Buying, Selling or Renting Property?

Speak With Our California Real Estate Attorneys in Encino, CA by calling the Parhami Law Group

Buying a home is one of the biggest commitments you'll make in your life. When you purchase new property, you're entering a contract. You shouldn't sign on the dotted line without dependable legal counsel. Parhami Law Group focuses on real estate law in Encino, California. If you're preparing to buy or sell property, retain a real estate attorney right away.

If you own or lease a rental property, consult Parhami Law Group. Attorney Parhami works with landlords and tenants to form contracts and settle disputes. Meet with a landlord-tenant attorney in Encino, California today.

Get help with real estate decisions

Contact Parhami Law Group today to discuss your real estate case. Attorney Parhami will provide the effective legal counsel you need to help you:

  • Settle a landlord-tenant dispute
  • Transfer a title
  • Negotiate a real estate contract
  • Buy or sell property

Real estate legal decisions are complicated, and you want to make sure you're making the right choice. Schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable real estate attorney today.